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March 13, 2020
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12 Volt Battery and Foldable Solar Panel: Two Items Outdoor Enthusiasts Must Have

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Let's face it, the term "roughing it" has changed over the years. Camping and other outdoor activities are greatly enhanced by the use of some of our favorite electronic devices. Unfortunately, those devices require recharging and a power source.

Foldable solar panels are the perfect alternative to a generator. A 12 volt battery is great to store the solar energy so you can use small electric items like a small television, or simply just to charge your electronics.

Gas powered generators are simply too loud to use on a camping trip. They scare away the wildlife and make it nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep.

Aside from that, they're constantly expelling fumes into the otherwise fresh air. Good, clean power is the only result of a reliable battery and foldable solar panel combination.

Charging your favorite electronics isn't the only use for these devices. Your ATV or dirt bike likely uses a 12 Volt battery. Having the ability available to charge a backup battery without a cumbersome energy source is absolutely the way to go camping, fishing, or just on a day ride in the wilderness.

Campers are being built with more modern conveniences every year. Many of today's campers come equipped with solar panels, battery backup, small refrigerators, and cook stoves. Enjoy most of the comforts of home while you enjoy the peace, quiet and fresh outdoor air.

Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar is the cleanest power you can take into the woods on a camping trip. Some of the newest solar powered gadgets may help make your next camping trip the best yet. No one ever said camping had to be gadget-free to be considered camping.

Generator: A small, compact generator that creates a good amount of power to use some of your favorite electric items while camping. Most are fitted with a 400W inverter, USB sockets and a 12 volt car socket.

Lantern: Charge your lantern simply by leaving it sitting in the sunlight. Flashlights may also be charged this way. Never worry about your lighting or packing along extra batteries, as long as your sun-powered lighting has been properly charged.

Ovens and Stoves: Cook real meals like a pro and enjoy that morning pot of coffee with a wide array of sun powered camping items. Box cookers are a relatively new invention that greatly benefits those who love camping and good, fresh food. Temperatures may reach as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to bake or fry most any food.

Foldable Solar Panel: Flexible and light weight, this device provides the ability to generate electricity while camping.

Make your next camping trip more elaborate and enjoy the comforts of home with inexpensive sun-powered gadgets and rechargeable 12 Volt batteries. The batteries are a must if you plan to make the most of the power generated by the sun.


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